About Healthy Forex

Welcome to Healthy Forex.  This is a website for retail forex traders and investors.  This website will provide the following:

•    Analysis and commentary on fund management services

•    High-value forex related content

•    Forex Trading Mentorship

•    Advice that can help BOTH traders and investors to make a healthy living from forex trading

Industry statistics show that less than 25% of forex traders end the year in the green. The data on investors will surely be similar!  

This website is here to help you leap into this group by discussing trading advice, techniques and general information that will help you become profitable.

This website IS NOT for you if you are a novice in the forex trading industry.  

Healthy Forex likes and trusts the Darwinex model; hence some of the content you will find here is directed towards it.

The website is NOT affiliated to Darwinex or any of the other brokers and services that are mentioned here.

NOTE:  Healthy Forex is NOT a registered investment advisory or hedge fund.  Private, retail traders manage it. Hence, all investment vehicles recommended in blog posts or private correspondence, as well as all trading advice should be treated as informed opinions only.

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