There are over 2,000 Darwins on the Darwinex platform today. It can, therefore, be very overwhelming for investors to find stable and robust Darwins. This page will contain a list of some of the best Darwins on the Darwinex platform for investors to consider (please read disclaimer).

These Darwins are selected based on our specially created custom filter. This filter considers the following metrics:

  • Capacity Score
  • Risk Stability Score
  • Loss Aversion Score
  • Performance Score
  • Days in Darwinex
  • Investor Capital
  • Return Last 2 Years

Do your analysis. Do not invest blindly.

This page will be updated monthly. Check to see which Darwins have been added or dropped!

Our Recommended Darwins for Darwinex Investors

You don’t have to invest in all of the darwins listed. Look through and make your own decisions.

Updated April 1, 2020.

  1. Darwin HFD
  2. Darwin AZG
  3. Darwin SKI
  4. Darwin SUG
  5. Darwin TDD
  6. Darwin SYO

Rules for Investing in these Darwins

  1. Apply equal weight to all. This means investing the same sum on all the Darwins you picked from the selection above. It may not be exact but the weight should be really close so as to avoid one Darwin taking away all the profits from the others in a bad run.
  2. The stop loss for each Darwin is 20% of the invested sum.
  3. Check for changes monthly.

N.B: The rules do not account for using X2 leverage.

A backtest of a portfolio containing the original Darwins in our custom filter showed 35% profit over two years. Using the Leverage x2 option takes the profit generated by the portfolio to 70% in two years. You can trust this filter to continue to churn out solid Darwins. We will be updating the list MONTHLY based on its recommendations.

Darwinex Darwins for Investors
Backtest result as at June 2019

Do you want to run a backtest using the darwins recommended here? Use the Darwinex Backtesting Tool.