Darwinex filters

As a new investor on Darwinex, exploring and analysing the 2000+ Darwins can be overwhelming. This is why Darwinex launched its filters and have continued to improve on that front over the years.  This post discusses all the filters available on Darwinex today.

Using the Darwinex filter function allows you a glance at different systems, sorting them based on specific combinations of the Darwinex investable attributes as well as other metrics that help judge a trading system.  We review the default Darwinex filters below.

Most Investors

Most investors

This Darwinex filter shows you the systems most trusted by investors at any given time.  It is valuable for investors who just want to go with the wisdom of the crowd.

If other people are finding a system impressive, there is undoubtedly some merit to spending time on analysing it. However, a popular strategy today can be a losing one in a year.

Good Scores

Good scores

This Darwinex filter shows the highest ranked systems in terms of the Darwinex Score only.  Systems that appear on this page are usually some of the best at any given time.

However, it is not foolproof. The D-score is not static. It fluctuates a fair deal depending on whether the strategy is doing well in the last few weeks or not.

Return Greater than 50 Per Cent

Return higher than 50 per cent

This Darwinex filter shows systems that have at least made 50 per cent for investors since their inception.  It is a favourite filter for many investors because it helps to cut through the haystack and show Darwins that have at least shown the capacity to make money in the past.

However, like all other systems in any of the filters represented here, you can’t determine what will happen in future.

Still, it is an excellent way to cut through the wannabes and floundering newcomers that may struggle with the Darwinex environment, even with high scores in the investable attributes.

On Fire

On Fire

This Darwinex filter looks back at the last three months to find systems that have generated sizable returns with negligible and single digit drawdown.  Systems that have made at least three times the drawdown percentage can expect to be listed. For investors, it highlights systems performing excellently today.

However, the fact that even the most robust systems will correct downwards to an extent after a decent upward run means that this is probably not the best filter to look at for investment. It can be used as a filter to become aware of performing strategies and then monitor them for the best possible entry.



This Darwinex filter is similar to the “Most Investors” as it shows where the crowd is moving, over the last month.  It is another good filter to see performing strategies you have not noticed. Then again, the general population of investors can still be wrong.



This Darwinex filter shows you new Darwins that have excellent scores in other attributes but do not have the full score in the EX attribute yet.  It is a valuable filter because it can help you as an investor, to unearth strategies that are hidden gems so you can “grow” with them. That is if they indeed continue to grow as expected.



This Darwinex filter shows Darwins listed on the exchange every week. It usually contains lots of new systems that should be allowed to develop but occasionally throws up some great ones. However, many investors will not make decisions from this filter, at least not in the immediate term.

Community Darwins

Community darwins

This filter contains Darwins owned by Darwinex. They are created using complex algorithms and are usually designed to act as a hedge. If the majority of systems on Darwinex is leaning one way in their trading, the Darwins here will generally lean the other way. However, they are not reliable. There is no proof yet that they can do better than the odd positive month here and there.

Under The Radar

Under the Radar

This Darwinex filter is one of the best on the platform. It does what it says on the tin by showing you systems that are worth investing in that have been ignored for one reason or the other. In many cases, you will find excellent systems worth investing in here. Other times, however, you will quickly see why investors are ignoring the system.

The constituents of the filter will change almost every month as it based on the D-score to an extent.

Which Darwinex filter is the best for investors?

After looking at our discussion on the filters shown above, you must have noticed a prevalent theme. No filter is fail-safe. It is therefore hard to point at a single filter as the best for investors on Darwinex.

 If you are not able to properly analyse systems, going with the crowd and looking at the “Most Investors” and “Trending” seems the best bet.

More savvy investors, however, will combine two or more of the filters above in a custom filter to find Darwins worth further analysis.

How to Setup a Custom Filter on Darwinex

A custom filter allows you to set your own rules as a Darwinex investor. You can set one by taking the following steps.

Step 1: Click on Custom Filter

custom filter darwinex

Step 2: Click on Manage Criteria to bring up a list of criteria you can use to rate different Darwins and select those that appeal to you.

manage criteria

Step 3:  Click the edit function to edit the Criteria you have chosen at a deeper level.

Edit Criteria

Step 4: Save your Custom Filter to see the generated results.

If you want to see how the selected Darwins would have performed in the past, plug them into the Darwin Backtesting Tool.


Darwinex has provided investors with excellent filters that make the analytical process easy and straightforward. Use them to find the best possible Darwins for your risk appetite, set your acceptable loss levels and watch your investments as they perform.