Join Darwinex as an Investor

If you are looking for the best possible way to invest in the forex markets without ever opening a single trade on your own, the social trading option is usually the best route.  This option allows you to back the trading decisions made by seasoned traders and then pay them a percentage of the profits. 

Over the years, we have seen many approaches to social trading. However, they all seem to have some problems that ultimately end in the investors losing a lot of money.  The Darwinex model is addressing these problems.

This post takes a look at how you can join investors on Darwinex to profit from the forex market.  Before we proceed, here is a look at why the Darwinex option is the best for investors.

Advantages of Joining Darwinex for Investors

  • Over 2000+ systems listed for investment
  • Competitive fees
  • 20% commission only on profits with a high-water mark feature
  • Licensed by the FCA   
  • Deposits protected up to £500k
  • State of the art diagnostic tools for measuring trade performance
  • Uniform risk ensured by a proprietary risk-engine to limit VAR to 10%
  • Hard stop loss and take profit targets available to investors

How to Open your Darwinex Investor Account

  • Sign up with your details
  • Open a live investor account
  • Answer the solvency questions
  • Submit the requested documents to validate your account
  • Fund your wallet
  • Find your desired Darwins to invest in, by clicking the trade function next to the “quote” price
Darwinex quote

Essential Tips to Keep in Mind as an Investor on Darwinex

As you can see from the list of advantages above, Darwinex offers a lot geared towards ensuring you do not lose all your money in one night as it happens on many copy trading platforms.  It is all in your hands as a Darwinex investor. 

You get to decide how much you want to invest and also choose how much you are willing to lose by setting a minimum stop loss.  In the same vein, you can also go into the year with a profit target on all your invested Darwins. Once a Darwin’s quote rises to the level you set, your investment will be closed out automatically.

The fact that there are over 2000 systems to invest in may seem overwhelming. However, when you consider the fact that on average, 80% of all traders in the forex market at any given point will close the year in a loss, you will understand why thousands of systems is an advantage.  It is a big haystack, but it also increases your chances of finding excellent systems for investment purposes.

The quality of the Darwinex investable attributes makes it easier to sort through the haystack.

Finally, the high-water mark feature means you never have to pay anything to the traders you are invested in unless they keep beating the upper barrier in terms of profits. No management fees to worry about or forced monthly subscriptions that may not yield any returns.